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We'll manage your technology so you can manage your business

Regardless of the size of your business we strive to give you the personal attention you deserve. We are your go to solution for all of your technology needs. We provide complete monitoring, updates, and other proactive maintenance to keep your systems running smooth; we often catch the problems before they impact your business.

We will provide for all of your needs if you do not have any internal IT staff or we can supplement your existing staff. With over 50 years of experience, our staff is here to support your business whenever you need us.

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Check out the "Why Managed Services?" video to learn more about our proactive service plans

Managed Antivirus

Keeping your computers secure and free from virus' and other malware can be a full time job in itself. Let us handle your security for you.

E-Mail Spam Filtering

Sifting through hundreds of spam messages to find your important emails can kill your productivity, or even lead to missing vital emails. Let us help you by stopping the spam before it gets to you.

Managed Firewall

We can manage your firewall and routing needs so you do not need to worry about your network security.

Support and Maintenance Services

Proactive Maintenance

Are you tired of problems that pop up unexpectedly and slow your productivity?   We have proactive maintenance plans available to take care of problems before you even realize they are there.

On going support

If you want less hassle and a more predictable IT budget our support contracts could be a great fit.  Pay a single low monthly fee and we will take care of all of your IT service needs.

Unified Communications

Clear, Organized, and well received communication is key to conducting any business. We offer a full range of communication tools to allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your communication including E-mail, Instant Messaging, and telephone service

Hosted VoIP

We offer one of the highest quality and yet affordable hosted telephone systems available. You may want to consider a hosted system instead of an in house pbx if your workforce is mobile or spread across multiple offices. Other reasons for choosing a hosted solution is to reduce the infrastructure cost at your location, to simplify management, or to ensure your phone system works even if your office loses power or internet for an extended period of time.

On-Premise VoIP PBX

When you have all your people in one location and want to ensure the highest level of intra-office communication while keeping bandwidth usage to a minimum an on-premise solution may be right for you. You may also want to consider an on-premise VoIP system if you need to integrate with existing PRI or POTS lines. An on-premise solution generally costs more up front then a hosted solution but the monthly expenses are often less and they usually have greater customization options available.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Why do you need backups?

Hackers and Viruses destroy data, Computers fail, people make mistakes, sometimes natural disasters destroy buildings, and your customers will still want services.
If you are unable to provide for your clients while waiting to recover your computers and data you may lose clients or possibly your entire business.

Do your backups cover everything that is important?

When your backups were initially setup it may have been backing up everything that is important, but as time goes on often the amount and location of data that needs to be backed up changes. You need to regularly review what is being backed up to make sure it covers all the important areas

Are your current backups good?

When was the last time you checked that you can restore from your backups? A backup that cannot be restored from is all too common for businesses that do not regulary test recovering from their backups

Are your backups safe?

Do you keep all of your backups in one location? If so you may lose all your data and backups by the same disaster. It is important to keep your backups in at least two physically separate locations

How often do your backups run?

To determine how often you need to have your backups running you simply need to look at how much data you can afford to lose. Would it hurt your business if you lost a day or week's worth of work?

Our Solution

We offer a managed backup solution that allows you to have peace of mind that all of these questions are being addressed on a regular basis.
Our backup solution will store your backups both locally in your building and in the cloud, ensuring you are never at risk for losing your backup data.
We regularly review our clients backup needs and verify the backups are recoverable.
We can schedule your backups to run as often as your business needs and we will help you to determine how often that is.

With over 30 years experience in the Information Technology industry, OutOfOrder Networks is the ideal solution for all of your IT needs.

Emergency Services

We all hope that our systems will keep running indefinitely, but eventually something will break. When it does, it can become very costly to your business and returning your systems to operation is critical. If anything goes wrong with services that you are hosting with us, you know that our emergency response team is here to restore your services as quickly as possible.

We also have our emergency response team available to you if there are critical issues at your location. We understand that you cannot afford continued downtime, so just give us a call and our highly skilled team will work with you to restore whatever services have been impacted.

Areas of Expertise:

VMware Virtualization
Network infrastructure
Windows Servers
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server
Other specialities are available, call and let us know what you need
With over 30 years experience in the Information Technology industry, OutOfOrder Networks is the ideal solution for all of your IT needs.

Web Design

We offer a full range of web design and development services.   Our prices scale with the complexity of the project and are typically very affordable.    This site is one that we have designed.   We have developed sites for many different industries from large coops to local churches.   We work with you to find what you like and offer our expertise to help you make an amazing impression.

Yes we probably do that too...

Having a problem with or need advice on something we have not mentioned?

With so many different technologies out there it would take up way too much space to go into detail on all the services we can provide.  If there is something you have questions about, or something you are not sure if we deal with just give us a call.  Most likely we have expertise that can help you or can point you to someone who can help.

Here is a list of some of the technologies we work with:

  • Technology / Security Assessments
  • Servers:  Windows, Linux, BSD
  • Virtualization: VMWare, Microsoft, KVM, etc.
  • Databases: MS SQL, MariaDB/MySQL, Oracle
  • Mail Server: MS Exchange, SOGO, HMailServer, Office 365, Google
  • Telephones: Hosted and on-premise solutions 
  • Custom Programming services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Hosting/Design
  • Application Hosting and Virtual Desktops
  • Active Directory

About Us

OutOfOrder Networks is a locally owned business where customer service is our top priority. This means there are no long hold times and you get to speak or meet with a real local person. To us, personal support is more than just a marketing term. You will be assigned a personal account manager who will take the time to understand your business and needs.

It is our goal at OutOfOrder Networks to help you maximize your Information Technology investments and provide the highest quality of service and value to your business. Regardless of the size of your business we strive to give you the personal attention you deserve. With over 50 years experience in the Information Technology industry, OutOfOrder Networks is the ideal solution for all of your IT needs.

OutOfOrder Networks will manage your technology so you can manage your business.

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