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take home
The Out Of Order Tour offers everything you need to become a great editor. However, there is one very important part to the equation that you can't get in one day - experience. When it comes to mastering editing, practice doesn't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect, and that’s exactly what this take-home project is designed to do. After filling you brain with theories, techniques, ideas, and several “ah-ha" moments, it will be time to put them to good use. For those who choose the full experience, you'll receive the raw footage from the Providence 48 Hour Film Festival Audience Choice Award Winning film The Pre-Nup, and you'll get to apply everything you learned on the Out Of Order Tour.

If you're confident about your ability in the editing room, all of the rushing, improving, inexperienced acting, and other production oversights can be completely eliminated to make a great film that looks polished. That’s what great editors do, they knit everything together in the editing room and make everyone else look good.
Here are some of the challenges you'll run into while editing this film:

  • Cutting conversations
  • Simultaneous inner-cutting
  • Inexperienced actors
  • Select your own music
  • Fix low audio.
  • Length restriction
  • Storytelling without any dialogue
  • Color
Those are just some of the highlights, but make no mistake, as the saying goes, every story has conflict. What is it, and how will that effect your editing style? Shot selection and storytelling with expression are always present. Pacing and rhythm will once again be huge elements, and will determine if your film is good. Remember intensity is 50 percent what’s happening in the scene, and 50 percent how you present the scene. And lastly, this story, like every story that came before it, has a plot structure with 3 acts. How will you choose to create clear separation between those acts, as editors?

Good luck everyone and remember: perfect practice makes perfect.