“The team has worked with Ross on several projects. It is a pleasure working with him because of his passion to constantly push the story.”
-Patrick Moreau, Founder of stillmotion
...award-winning filmmaker, innovative educator, and published author.
Ross Hockrow is an award-winning filmmaker, innovative educator, and published author. He has directed 6 feature-length indie films and several short films, the latest of which won the audience choice award for the 2013 48hr Film Festival in Providence, RI. Ross started his career as a screenwriter, and several of his screenplays were optioned by major film companies and television networks. His filmmaking abilities stretch beyond narratives and into commercial work, where he was hired by Fortune 500 companies Skype and Expedia to make on-site event films for their annual company conferences.
Ross, an Adobe sponsored speaker, pioneered live filmmaking education with his Get in Motion Tour in 2011—the industry’s first-ever educational workshop tour created exclusively for filmmakers. During the past three years, Ross lectured in over 100 cities during two international tours, and taught platform classes at several major industry tradeshows— appearing at NAB, CES, WPPI, PPA, Photo Video West, Photoshop World, Photo Plus East, and Photo Pro Expo. In January of this year Ross was selected to teach the first filmmaking course ever on creativeLIVE, attracting over 40,000 viewers. Ross’s first book, Storytelling Techniques for Digital Filmmakers, is being released in September 2013, and a follow-up book on editing theory will be published in 2014.
“I was at the Vancouver daytime event. Great content and [Ross has] a natural affinity for teaching.”

“Ross is a brilliant young storyteller who combines the best of timeless story principles and fresh approaches and technique.”

Gary Cohen (Owner of Triple Threat TV produces ESPN 30 to 30 films such as “Catching Hell,” “The Real Rocky,” “Right To Play,” “One At Bat”)

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